Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Always in my diet rotation.

Always in my diet rotation.


 peanut butter


whole grains


Olive oil

4 eggs

LEAN meat

whey protein

berries, Straw, blue, rasberry, boysenberry

Monday, February 10, 2014

My thoughts...

The pages of the Lord are, the daily words 
who Lives the glory of Jesus,
what is the body Saves, the Healing points,
what hands me it's air, I live, oxygen accompanies,
the unity , Holy Strength provide me, the body
and blood , LOVEs, generates, 
Wisdom honors,
relates to, skills, JOY  comes in the Morning
Glory behaves, as the Obedience 
,he saves, a life thereafter, Heaven holds as, 
a place where there's  no longer Sadness
a smile emulates, shines, 
Armour Shields, he is Our protector, KING, 
in the eyes of nature, I am the WORDs,
calling, be his way of  Healing, 
Knowledge, rest, upon the living, a vessel, 
Inner fortress I wear, as my daily planner, 
the WORD..Improvised,  Glory,
 I am ,who is, the Living GOD, 
among man/Woman...Notes...
So It is written...
.PEACE transcends....
to be received...
therefore, I am the GOSPEL 
of JESUS..My CUP runneth over...

the HEART fills up, LOVE
 Let the people Say..